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Current Status of New 8th AD Association:

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For your information, we would like to report on the current status of organizing the new 8th AD Association:

So far, we have over forty (40) members enrolled, of whom a number (20) are original veterans of the 8th Armored Division!

We welcome all those interested to join. We need you!

New Association Officers:
    President - Andy Waskie, Jr.,
    Vice President - Gloria Zuccarella B. Layne
    Treasurer - Carol Neumann
    Membership Chair - Joseph Nesdill
    Chaplains - Norm Olson, 49-HqC and Dr. James Christiansen
    Webmaster - Scott Thorpe
    Retired Webmaster - Okey Taylor, 58-C
    Newsletter Committee Chairs - Rick Miller and Sally Shapiro
    Assoc. Historian - David Clare

We are in need of volunteers to assist with the following:

  Merchandise - to offer members souvenir items with the 8th Armored Division logo: hats, t-shirts, bags, etc.

  Publications - a Committee to help distribute published works or articles on the 8th Armored Division, especially by veterans, such as Ray Ross' ('When Your Number's Up'); Vern Miller's 'My Brother's Keeper'; 'In Tornado's Wake' (Division History), etc.

  Council - would be composed of appointed or elected non-executive officers who can assist the Association through input, creative ideas, oversight of the affairs of the Association, and fill in when needed to help in any area of the Association.

  Reunions - a volunteer committee to work on the details of a potential annual reunion/Association meeting where yearly business and elections and planning can be conducted.

  Website - a volunteer to assist webmaster in website additions and updates.

Please contact us at: 8thArmoredDivisionAssociation@gmail.com
  The web site: http://www.8th-armored.org/

Andy Waskie, Jr.,
14 Dec 2016