36th Tank Bn. - Company D
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Lt. Kenneth R. Robinson, 36-D, KIA 5 Mar 45
American Battle Monuments - Lt Kenneth Robinson, 36-D
News article - Lt Kenneth Robinson, 36-D
Pfc Dennis I. Venne, 36-D, KIA 4 Apr 45
Lt. Harold Gordon
Ft. Knox
Lt Harold Gordon, 36-D, and Pontiac

M24 tank and platoon photos

M24 Tank Platoon of Lt Harold Gordon, 36-D
Lt Harold Gordon, 36-D, and #1, M24, Tank
T/5 Thurman Jones and #2, M24, Tank
Aud # 3, M24, Tank
S/Sgt Bob Morris, 36-D, (Platoon Sgt) and #4, M24, Tank
Sgt Ralph Shaw, 36-D and #5, M24, Tank
Sgt W. Jones, and Lt H. Gordon, 36-D and #2, M24, Tank
Lt H. Gordon and Sgt W. Jones, 36-D with M24 tank
'Stuck' and Pfc Harry Dressman on  #4, M24, Tank
Lt Harold Gordon, 36-D, and  #2, M24, Tank
Pfc Harry Dressman, 36-D, on #4, M24, Tank
Sgt Bob Morris, 36-D, and M24 Tanks
M24 Tanks of Co D, 36th Tank Bn in Line


Lt Harold Gordon, 36-D, and Pontiac
Lt Harold Gordon, 36-D and Captain Stanley Bodin, 36-C
3 Red Cross girls bring us coffee
Pete and Lt Harold Gordon, 36-D


Lt Harold Gordon, 36-D at Northeim, May 1945
Lt Gordon with no hair & S/Sgt  Morris in window, Northeim
A few men of Lt Gordon's platoon, 36-D
Lt Harold Gordon and Sgt William Jones, 36-D, Northeim
Lt Gordon's gunner, T/5 Louis Knautz, 36-D Northeim
Lt Gordon's Platoon Sgt Bob Morris, 36-D, Northeim
Northeim  (unidentified soldier)


Buildings in Rubeland, Germany - 1945
Buildings in Rubeland, Germany - 2009
Buildings in Rubeland, Germany - 2009
Aerial view of Rubeland, Germany - 2009
Rubeland, Ger, Apr 45, top of Hermannshohle cave ent.
Hermannshohle cave, 2009, where prev picture was taken
Rubeland, Ger, Hermannshohle cave entrance, 2009
Tiger Tank abandoned by crew, Rubeland, Germany


Lt Harold Gordon, 36-D, in Paris, June 1945
Hitler in Paris, 1940 (same spot as Lt. Gordon)


Col Harmon and Maj Cockran, 36-D, Chrast, Czech.
Officer's club pass, Rokycany, Czechosvolakia,
Oxen and Tanks Near Pilsen, Czech., June 1945
Maj Cochran and pup, Pilsen, Czech., June 1945
Capt William Hammond, 36-HqC, and boy from Conc. camp
Czech letter requesting Benzine (gasoline), June 45

Train to LeHavre
Queen Mary Pictures
A bombed German factory in Kassell May 1945
Northeim, Germany
Lt Gordon during 40 & 8 trip from Czech to Le Havre
Unidentified soldiers on trip from Czech to Le Havre
Unidentified soldiers on trip from Czech to Le Havre
Lt H. Gordon, 36-D, on Queen Mary

More Misc. Pictures

Pfc Roleigh Stonecypher, 36-D, age 85
Charles Gordon (son of Lt Harold Gordon, 36-D) and Roleigh Stonecypher, 36-D
Aubrey Walker, (son-in-law), & Roleigh Stonecypher 36-D
Left, Pfc Harry Weldele in Paris, 1945. Right, his granddaughter in same location, 70 years later.
Sgt. Alonzo Larkins, 36-D
Cpl Charles Stype, 36-D
T4 Sampson Willoughby, 36-D
Pvt Thomas Stubblefield, 36-D
Pfc John Siciliano, 36-D
Pvt Edward Van Rakum, 36-D
Pfc Robert Schiebel, 36-D