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  Div. Headquarters Div. Div Hq AG APO Arty Band SSO
Div. Trains MP Company 148th Signal Co.  
  Combat Commands   CCA CCB CCR      
  Tank Battalions 18th 18-Hq 18-A 18-B 18-C 18-D 18-Svc

36-Hq 36-A 36-B 36-C 36-D 36-Svc
80th 80-Hq 80-A 80-B 80-C 80-D 80-Svc
  Armored Infantry 7th 7-Hq 7-A 7-B 7-C 7-Svc  
49th 49-Hq 49-A 49-B 49-C 49-Svc  
58th 58-Hq 58-A 58-B 58-C 58-Svc  
  Armored Field Artillery 398th 398-Hq 398-A 398-B 398-C 398-Svc  
399th 399-Hq 399-A 399-B 399-C 399-Svc  
405th 405-Hq 405-A 405-B 405-C 405-Svc  
  Armored Cavalry Rcn. 88th 88-Hq 88-Svc    
Troop 88-A 88-B 88-C 88-D 88-E 88-F
  Armored Engineers 53rd 53-Hq 53-A 53-B 53-C    
  Armored Ordinance 130th

130-Hq 130-A 130-B 130-C    
  Armored Medical Units 78th 78-Hq 78-A 78-B 78-C    
Infantry 7th 49th 58th      
Other Bn's Tank Recon AFA Eng'r Ord  
  Attached Tank and TD Units   612th 736th 741st      
  ASTP replacements received ASTP Part I Part II   (N. Central State, Univ. of Detroit,
and Univ. of Illinois)
  US Air Corps replacements from San Antonio SO #4 SO #94        
  Men whose unit is not known   Officers Enlisted Men      
            07 Jan 14

    Men whose company and battalion are not known are listed under 'Unit is not known'. The sources of the roster and awards information are listed if known. Many rosters are not complete.

If you can't find someone you are looking for, please go to our search page.

    Names and information on the rosters are from various sources. They are only partially complete of course and will be updated if more information can be obtained. Most errors found can be attributed to either scanning or typing - I do not type nearly as accurately as I once did.

    Many men served in more than one unit. I just picked one to list them in as there was no way to determine the proper one when transfer and promotion dates were not known. Highest ranks are shown where possible but some are probably not correct since different orders showed different ranks.

    Men in Headquarters and Headquarters Companies may be listed together in HQ company unless rosters are available showing their unit. Men whose battalion is known but company is not known are shown in the Hq Company of the battalion.

    Do you have any old rosters such as the following you could share with us?
  1 - ASTP roster from the University of Detroit, 1943-44
  2 - ASTP roster from North Central College, 1943-44
  3 - Any other rosters or other items of interest which you might have available.

    If you have information to share, send a copy - no originals please - to Scott Thorpe, Webmaster, to help us update our records.