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Division Units Unit Company By Title Type & Summary
Armored Infantry 7th AIB 7-A Charles R. Leach In Tornado's Wake Book
7th AIB 7-A Don Pickett Letter to 7-A Reunion Letter
7th AIB 7-A William Bopp Untitled Memoirs Memoir
7th AIB 7-B Maurice Chauvet 7-B Journal Journal
49th AIB 49-Hq 49-Hq Staff Headquarters Co. History
49th AIB 49-A 49-A Staff Company 'A' History
49th AIB 49-B 49-B Staff Company 'B' History
49th AIB 49-C 49-C, Jack Black, Editor Company 'C' History
49th AIB 49-Svc 49-Svc Staff Service Company History
49th AIB 49-Med Editor Medical Detachment History
58th AIB 58-B Raymond Ross When Your Number's Up No longer avilable
58th AIB 58-C Carroll Abel Memories of WWII Memoir
58th AIB 58-C Irving Odgers Experiences in WW II Book
58th AIB 58-C Okey Taylor There and Back Again Memoir
Tank Battalions 36th Tank All F. W. Slater Invincible History
36th Tank 36-B Frank Blackston -
edited by Gerry Kurth
Project Blacky Memoir
36th Tank 36-D Alex Merhige History of 36-D History
80th Tank 80-A Adam Steevens g/son of Melvin Allen The Thundering Herd Memoir
Armored Engineers 53rd Eng 53-A John N. Jozsa My trip through WWII Book
53rd Eng 53-C John H. Lewis Polk To Pilsen History
  53rd Eng All Historical 1943 53rd Armored Engineerss Newsletter TARFU Newsletter
Armored Ordnance 130th Arm Ord All Historical 1945 130th Armored Ordnance Booklet Booklet
130th 130-A Historical 1945 130-C Tow Rope PDF Booklet
130th 130-Hq Vern Miller A Letter From My Brother CENSORED PDF Memoir
Armored Recon Squadron 88th Rcn All Troop Historians The 88th Book
88th Rcn 88-B Hathaway 'Bob' Turner Diary of 88-B History
88th Rcn 88-C Walter W. Peura From Civilian to Soldier Memoir
88th Rcn 88-E Historical Document 88-E Feb-March 1945 PDF History
Armored Field Artillery 398th AFA All Historian 398th AFA History History
399th AFA All Historian 399th AFA History History
399th AFA All Documents 399th Records Records
399th AFA 399-Hq Richard M. Hardison Caissons Across Europe (print only)  Book
399th AFA Btry B Historian 399-B History History

Come on men! Let's have some input for your grandchildren to see. Time is running out - WWII veterans are dying at the rate of over 1,200 a day so we had better tell our stories pretty soon or it will be to late! (See information below)

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(Soft Cover)  ISBN 0-9785075-7-6 - $12.95 US
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    7 Apr 2020