Index of Personal Stories
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Division Units Unit Company By Title
Headquarters CCR   W. B. Wallace Col. Robert J. Wallace
Tank Battalions 36th
36-B Pfc. Grant Everly My Brief Tour as 1st Lt
36-B Sgt Fred Kuta Events at Rhineberg
36-C Sgt John R. Call The Battle of Rheinberg
  36-A T/5 Paul L. Lehman Thanks Buddy, Whoever You Are!
  36-D 2nd Lt. Harold Gordon "Mayor of Thule"
  36-Svc 1st Lt. Henry E. Carter, Jr. "One Soldier's Story"
80-A T/5 Dick Kemp A Pleasant Day In Deutschland
80-C Pfc Glenn E. Vance A Miracle
80-Hq Cpl. Don Wolff Forget Me Not
  80-Hq Cpl. Don Wolff Stamp Collector's Dream
  80-Hq Cpl. Don Wolff American Ingenuity
Armored Infantry 7th 7-A Cpl William F. Bopp For Services Rendered
7-A Don R. Marsh, 2nd AD The Replacement
7-B S/Sgt Maurice Chauvet ETO Memories
7-C John McGuire Story of 1st. Lt. Cecil M. Lane
7-Hq Pete Sandman Story of Capt. Percy Smeltzer
49-A Pfc. John L. Haithcock Memiors
49-A Albert Ervine 49-A Stories
58-C Ed Grooms Son of Warren Grooms
58-C Pfc. Okey E. Taylor If It Moves, Salute It
  58-C Sgt. Clarence Lally Letter to a Friend
    Roy Pfennings, Netherlands Story and pictures of Merum
  58th 58-C Karen Stein Story of Pvt. Russell Pollitt
  58th 58-C Pfc Gale. C. Black A few Memories
  58th 58-C Walter Thorpe In Memory of Cpl Marlin Jones
    58-B Letter from Cpl Richard Jackson 1945 Dear Friends
Armored Engineers   53-Hq Jiri Frybert Marriage of Libuse Hrdonkova and Cpl Leonard Cloud
Armored Recon Squadron
88-C Pfc Samuel Montean Letter to a Friend
88-F Pfc Billy T. Manning Reconnaissance Report
Ordnance Battalion 130th 130-Hq Andrew Waskie Schloss Blankenberg
130th 130-Hq Vernon Miller A Story From After the War
130th 130-Hq Vernon Miller Captain Bella Danos Story
130th 130-Hq Vernon Miller Remembering Pilsen
    130-C Richard Jenkins A Few Stories
Military Police Div Hq MP Gordon Billheimer Email from Gordon
MP Louis (Rabinovitz) Bartfield A Small Part of the Story
Armored Medical Battalion
78-B Dr Bernard Metrick The Mirka Story
78-B Dr Bernard Metrick Langenstein Concentration Camp
Armored Field Artillery   399-A Pvt. William J. Brown Bill Brown Story
473rd AAA AW Bn (SP)   473rd Robert Frink My Story - (read this one-Okey Taylor!)
Other 8th Armored   Unknown K. Heidi Fishman U.S. G.I.'s
  All Units Fano Suarez Red Cross Clubmobiler Jean Hackleman
  All Units Raymond Soulas (Translated by A. Steevens) My Experiences as a Prisoner at Langenstein
          9 Jan 2022

Come on men! Let's have some input for your grandchildren to see. Time is running out - WWII veterans are dying at the rate of over 1,200 a day so we had better tell our stories pretty soon or it will be to late! (See information below)

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